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H.O.P.E. provides safe, nurturing and caring homes for youth and children while in out of home care.  We assess and identify the needs of each child and deliver services, resources, and support to build a healthy and strong foundation.  We are committed to promoting and advocating for each child at H.O.P.E.


H.O.P.E. believes that children have a right to the very best society has to offer in achieving a successful and meaningful life.  Supporting them in their environment and facilitating services consistent with one’s assessed needs and goals allows them the opportunity to flourish.  Through mobilization of resources, we are creating an atmosphere that promotes resilience and maximize their potential.  There are no barriers or difficulties too large or too small that H.O.P.E can’t conquer.  We see what is possible, and through faith, guidance, and the intrinsic belief that everyone yearns for happiness and support, together we can begin to set a path to help them achieve the goals they desire for their success.  


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